Electronic / Universal Waste

Recology Auburn Placer - Electronic / Universal WasteIn February, 2006, the State of California prohibited the disposing of electronic waste, fluorescent tubes, consumer batteries and mercury thermostats into the trash. Known as "Universal Waste", these wastes are health and environmental hazards if they are improperly disposed of.

Examples of prohibited wastes:

Electronic Waste - Computers, computer peripherals, telephones, answering machines, radios, stereo equipment, tape players/recorders, phonographs, VCRs, CD players/recorders, calculators, televisions, and microwave ovens.

Mercury Containing Waste - Fluorescent tubes, high-intensity lights, sodium vapor lamps and metal halide lamps.

Consumer Batteries - Including carbon-zinc and alkaline, rechargeable, NiCad, lithium, and mercury button batteries. This includes AA, AAA, C, and D batteries.

Disposal Information

Recology Auburn Placer - Fluorescent TubesPlease bring the above items to the one of Recology Auburn Placer's Transfer Stations: Auburn, Meadow Vista or Foresthill Transfer Station. Most Universal Wastes will be taken free of charge during business hours. Microwaves and other small appliances will be charged. Residential customers will be charged for bringing more than nine fluorescent tubes or bulbs. Charges will apply for commercial customers to dispose of fluorescent tubes or bulbs. If you have any questions please contact us.

Business Hours